Painting News

Friday, December 13, 2013:
Jack Semple, guitar superstar, is presented with his portrait, at Jeffrey's Wine Bar. It was an amazing evening of music and song. Jack assured everyone the painting would find a spot of honour in his studio.


November 1st to November 15th, 2013, 6 new paintings on display at the Richard Danskin gallery, Palm Desert.

Fraser Brinsmead was a featured artist November 1st for the "Palm Desert Gallery Walk". See the collections page for all the new paintings.

New Lahaina series shipped to Eclectic Image Gallery in Maui Hawaii, April 2013
See the Collections Page for all the new paintings!

George Patocka purchases "Street Dance" which will now travel to Europe be displayed in his historic home in Prague. The home was originlly constructed in the 13th century and has been recently remodeled to be a second residence for he and his family. He has promised to provide photos once the installation is complete.

First mention for Fraser in the Victoria paper,
"TheTimes Colonist" by art critic Robert Amos, February, 2013.

Read the full article here.

Sunday Brunch

Fraser Brinsmead was the subject of this Artist Focus feature in American Art Collector, in March of 2013.

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Sunday Brunch

January, 2013 - Atco Electric purchases "Sunday Brunch", the newest offering from Fraser Brinsmead, for their corporate offices. It is a painting that combines urban activity (in this case, brunch on the south patio of the historic MacDonald Hotel) on the bank of Edmonton's river valley with expansive views of the river and significant valley landmarks. It is the second painting is a recent series of large canvases by Fraser depicting Edmonton's synergistic relationship with the ribbon of park space that is the North Saskatchewan River Valley . Unquestionably it is this this continuous green belt that more then anything, defines what it mean to be an Edmontonian and permeates all aspects of daily life, winter and summer.

(Sunday Brunch (diptych) 30" x 48" oil on Canvas - sold.)

River RUn

The Microsoft commission has been completed and all seven paintings are now hung in their new downtown offices. It was a fabulous commission. I am pleased with the work and the enthusiastic way that Microsoft has responded. One of the works is shown here, called "River Run", is my first diptych and largest painting to date totaling 36"x 96". - Fraser

(River Run (diptych) 36" x 96" oil on Canvas - sold.)

The CallMicrosoft Corporate in Edmonton has just purchased 3 of my large Edmonton scenes and commissioned 4 more for their new downtown offices. It is a particularly exciting commission as it allows me to explore an urban theme and know that these paintings will be exhibited together for some time. I am working on public gathering places and the way people interact with them. The University, the Legislative Grounds and the City/River Valley interface - these are my subjects. I expect to finished later in November. - Fraser

(The Call, Oil on Canvas, 60” x 36”, Sold)


East Mid-town (September 21, 2012)


"This new painting, which I just completed, was commissioned by my good friends Lorraine and Hank Gillespie to commemorate a trip to New York we recently took. Candace and I as well as our friends Hank and Lorraine, Tony and Rita as well as Ralph and Gaye are all in the crowd scene at the bottom. Its called East Mid-town." - Fraser

Yellow Tables

The Gallery

"My latest painting is a scene showing the West End Gallery in Victoria where my paintings are available. I love the light quality which invites you in." - Fraser

Ken Kowalski, Speaker of the House. was presented with my painting called "Early Start" to commemorate his retirement after 33 years of Public Service. The painting shows the Alberta Legislature in the background and in the foreground, some very dedicated construction workers. The painting was not commissioned, but picked by the selection panel because it suggested Ken's work ethic and connection to the people of Alberta. I could not be more delighted!
- Fraser

Brugge (95% complete)

I have now completed "Graslei Canal" in Ghent (formerly titled "Fourcorners") which is now in the Collection page under Urban Landscape.

This new painting is in Burgge and features the family of the patron on a European trip. I love paintings like these that combine my love of beautiful urban spaces and people I know and need to be accurately represented. It is always a double challenge and subsequently very rewarding. - Fraser